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Fortify XDR

Cybersecurity Managed

Modern, borderless networks are redefining endpoint protection.

With a variety of endpoints freely accessing networks, they’re storing sensitive corporate data. Because 70 percent of successful data breaches start on endpoints, a preventative approach to endpoint security can help stop cyberattacks.

Fortify XDR is a suite of advanced endpoint protection and threat prevention technologies blended with the expertise to protect your organization from cybersecurity threats.

AI & Expert Security Analytics

Powerful AI and expert security analytics correlate data from customer environments and Fortify 24×7’s global threat intelligence to deliver fewer, higher-fidelity alerts, leading to better, earlier detection.

Beyond The Endpoint

Integrating detection and response across email, endpoint, server, cloud workloads, and networks provide a broader perspective and a better context to identify threats more easily and contain them more effectively.

Complete Visibility

One console with one source of prioritized, optimized alerts supported with our guided investigation process simplifies the steps to achieving a full understanding of the attack path and impact on the organization.

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